$8,500,000 is the goal. You are the difference.

Amount raised so far: 0,000,000.00 

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8.5 million dollars, on average, gives clean water to a multitude of 8,673,470 people. That's roughly equivalent to 1,734,694 families--it's that many people who have the precious opportunity to hear the good
news of our Lord Jesus Christ.
According to ComScore's Media Metrix, in the month of August Godtube.com had about 1.7 million unique visitors. That's a lot of people. Now, if each one of those people gave only $5 to Living Water International(LWI), we could reach $8,500,000. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. This is the church of Christ in action. This is our ultimate goal.
What if the lives of millions could be reached through clean water?
What if the followers of Christ could change the world again?

Welcome to Living Water International.
Love well. Give wells.